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FI Document Splitting. the profit center amount become zero after splitting.

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I post a FI document with document type "SA".

Two items has profit center.

But when I display the document with "General Ldeger View" mode,

there are four items and the other two items(Zero Balance Posting) clearing the profit's amount, and the sum of profit's amout is zero.

I don't want to use the Zero Balance Posting and only want to left two items in general ldeger view, Is there any solutions(customize) ?

Thanks very much.

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Answers (1)

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Hi Zhong,

This is how your system is configured, Zero Balance with splitting on profit center.

The line items 1141000000 are automatically generated on Ldger level and you can not change it unless you made a NewGL migration project. In the General View (BSEG) you will see 2 line items, in Ledger View (FAGLFLEXA) you will see 4.

Why do you not want those line items ?

Kind Regards