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FI Document not to be posted to customer account

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Dear all,

we have a business case where a customer bonus is booked into a deposit account (and not directly to customer acount).

At a later point, the customer wants to pay his SD invoices using the money in the a deposit account.

Taxes should always be payed by the customer and cannot be taken from a deposit account.

Is there a way to solve this?

- SD Invoice should have a Netto value

- Deposit account should be booked with Netto value 

- Customer account should be booked with taxes

- Revenue account and tax account should be booked as usual

I tried to solve this with a normal price condition and an accrual discount condition, but it is not working as expected.

Kind regards





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Please share with an example of some dummy value for better understanding showing which value you want to post to FI and which one you don't want to post during billing

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For an invoice with Net Value 1000 USD and Tax 100 USD with total value 1100 USD:

- 1000 USD should be booked in deposit account (instead of debitor acount)

- 100 USD should be booked to debitor acount

- 1000 USD should be booked in revenue and 100 USD in tax account (unchanged)