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FI CO Settings for a new Plant

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Please let me know what all the settings need to be made from FI & CO side when a new plant is created. Detailed explanation will be of great help.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi ravi,

please follow the follwing steps relating to new plant in all madual.

Steps needs to be configured

1.New Plant to be created (Copy the new plant from the existing Plant)– Configuration

2.Create Plant as Location - Configuration

3.Define Shipping Point- Configuration

4.Transport Planning Point Description to be changed – Configuration.

5.Create a new Profit Center – Master Data

6.Create a new Cost Center – Master Data

7.Cost Center allocation to Shipment Cost – OKB9 – Configuration

8.Assign Business Area to New Plant – Configuration

9.Assign New Plant to Sales Organization & Division - Configuration

10.Update all the GLs related to the new Plant. Default assignment to a Profit Center - 3KEI – Configuration

11.Update Table J_1IT030K_V for Indian Tax Account Determination. - Configuration

12.Account Assignment Category – VKOA – Assign GL Accounts to Sales Org/AcctAssgGr/AcctAsgnmt/Plant/Acct Key – Configuration

13.Maintain Excise Registration for New Plant- Configuration

14.Maintain Plant settings for New Plant- Configuration

15.Maintain Excise Group for New Plant- Configuration

16.Define GL Accounts for taxes – Configuration

17.Specify GL account for Excise Transaction- Configuration

18.Create all Inbound and Outbound Routes for new Plant –Configuration

19. Assign new plant to company code.

Please note that the above steps are for new plant by copying the existing plant and modification. If you define a new plant without copying the existing plant lot of steps are involved.

as per FI/CO part point nos 5 to 8, 10 to 17.

Hope this will help u, please assign the points if its helpful.


sai krishna

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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New Plant Roll Out Details for FICO

1) You have to check whether plant is assigned to Company code.

2) If using Business Areas, you should assign BA to Plant in OMJ7

3) Extend Accounting views to the new plant

4) Any validation rules specific to plants to derive BA's should be configured for this plant also.

5) Created Cash Journal for the Plant as we maintain Cash Journal per Plant.

6) As Business Place is derived from plant automatically, assign the Business Place to the Plant.

7) Include the plants in all the Z reports which are run based on plant.

😎 Check for the authorizations for the New Plant to the existing users

If its helpful, plz assign points.



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Dear Rajaram

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I wanted to know about the profit centers and cost centers linkage to the newly created plant.



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profitcenters are linked in the material master to the respective plant. You can see that via MM03 --> Tba Folder "Sales: General / Plant Data".

It will be stored in table MARC field PRCTR.