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FF805: Tax statement item missing for tax code X0

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Hi All,

Posting this question after checking all the relevant answers in the group. Getting error FF805: Tax statement item missing for tax code X0 while releasing the invoice to accounting document. Our requirement is that the goods flow between two different countries but the tax MWST maintained should be zero as per business requirement. Performed the below checks.

1. Checked in FTXP and G/L account is maintained for the tax code in source country.

2. Checked that the same tax code X0 is flowing to both the tax and revenue condition types.

3.In VK11, MWST tax condition is maintained as zero and in the invoice when i checked the condition base value is non-zero and condition value is zero.

Please help me with the issue. Checked the notes 1469906 also.

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If it is exports sale, it is better not to have the tax condition type in pricing procedure so that you can avoid this issue. By the way, since you said, you already referred the OSS note 1469906, please be specific as to why that note has not addressed the issue.

The said note has

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  • another OSS note reference for Guided Answers