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few q's

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1. Explain the basic structure of purchasing documents! What is the special feature of purchase requisitions?

2. Which control parameters are located at the item level of purchasing documents?

3. What does the account assignment category U (unknown) stand for? When can you use this account assignment category?

4. How can you assign different delivery dates to a purchase order item?

5. Why may this be advisable?

6. What must you take into account or determine in the case of multiple account assignment?

7. Explain the procurement process using outline purchase agreements. What are the basic differences between a contract and a scheduling agreement?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You will get a basic view on the questions u asked by going through the below link..

New to Materials Management / Warehouse Management?

This is the first entry in the fourms of MM by Mr. Mohammad.

Also go to sap-img, erpgenie etc to get an overview on these questions..

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