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Feedback on Third Party Settings in SAP system

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I want to implement a normal third party sales scenarion in my system and I would do the following settings

1) Create a third party Vendor.

2) Create a material type indicating that it can be ordered from third pary vendors.(I am not sure about how to do this.I think I need to assign the new material type to item category group as BANS.PLease confirm)

3) A new Document type with order relevant billing option as F2

4) A new Item category with billing relevance = F and pricing = X

5) A new Schedule Line category with Order type = NB and TOR and avaliability check os off.

Please let me know in case I am missing on any other settings.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Friend,

You can go for automatic PO creation or generate a PR(Purchase Requisition at the time of Sales order creation.

This possible by mentioning the order type of the PR in the Schedule line categories.

Thus the PRS generated from the Sales order can be converted to PO by the Functional department as per requirement.

OR else you can configure the sales order such that the demand when palced to MRP whch will convert the Same demand to Planned Order Whcih can be converted to Production order or to PR then to PO.


Amlan Sarkar

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hello Christino,

Apart from what you've listed..

1) In the item category, U've to mark the 'Automatic PO Creation' checkbox.

2) Yes, it could be BANS or BANC, depends on ur item category TAS(3rd party) or TAB(individ PO) respectively.

I hope this helps.



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in schedule line category maintain account assiggnment category as third party and item category as third partythen it will works

process flow

1.va01-salse order

it automatically creates purchase requisition

2.me21n-maintain purchase order

3.miro-invoice verivication for vendor

4.vf01-create billing document for customer

if it helps pls give me the reward points.

Edited by: prakash kv on Jul 17, 2008 9:56 AM

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Can you also confirm about the material type configuration in this case.

If I use the item category group as BANS in the material type configuration, then is it sufficient for the material to be considered as third party relevant?