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FEBAN issue

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Hello Gurus,

After uploading the bank statement in transaction FF_5 the items got automatically cleared on the account, and in FEBAN those positions are still showing in "red". Transaction 225 showing error for posting area 02 not updated.

any help highly appreciated.


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Hi Pammina,

Echoing what Kothari commented previously, it seems that the posting rule assigned for external transaction code 225 may be configured to post posting area 1 with posting type 1 + posting area 2 to clear the subledger. FEBAN indicates by icon red, because the system expects to post another document to clear within in Posting area 2.

Would you share the config setting for this posting rule assigned (the posting rule can be seen in ALV view by clicking other display within FEBAN and posting rule configuration via OT83).

I imagine that it is set to clear vendor/customer subledger in posting area 2.



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Hello Taro,

Thank you for your reply.

Vendor a/c and bank subledger a/c both got cleared

with regards to external tr.type to posting rules, here are screen shots


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Thanks for the update.

In such case where there is an inconsistency between what you see in FEBAN and accounting document, SAP provides a program RFEBKA10 to update FEBAN (FEBKO and FEBEP) according to the accounting.

You might as well read the help on this program, however, in your case it should be the Case 1: you need to put the clearing account that document 0100003917 posted with company code and select "automatic adjustment".

Hope that this works in your case.



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Hi Jyothi

I believe you are looking at a outgoing scenario where the vendor line item was cleared during the F110 transaction and now the open item is in the outgoing clearing account.

Thus, in your case the posting rule assignment to the provided transaction code 225 / - is not correct.

You should assign a posting rule to this transaction code which has only the definition of posting are 1 and not posting area 2 because in this case no sub ledger posting is required.

Since, you have assign a posting rule with posting area 2 definition, SAP tries to post document in sub ledger area which is not required.


1. Assign a posting rule with only posting area 1 definition to the transaction code 225 / -.

2. If changes cannot be done then you can ask the user that no further action is required in this case and ignore the red symbol in FEBAN. But, this has to be dealt case by case.

Hope this clarifies your doubt.


Nikhil Kothari

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Hi Jyothi,

I completely agree with Nikhil and Taro. Here sytem is trying to search vendor open item  for posting area 2 which has already been cleared during F110 through bank clearing account. So system is able to find the open item for posting area 1(Bank clearing GL) but failed to seach for posting area 2 (Subledger Account).

Please check with your business whether they are using posting area 2 (Subledger Posting) or not. I don't think posting area 2 is required in configuration, If they are using posting area 1 for same scenario,



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Hi Nikhil Kothari, could u explain more , what can be wrong in Bank or clearing account ?i have the same case and untill now is open, ich have this problem since one year