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Feature LGMST

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Hi. I have the following issue.

I am configuring the feature LGMST. I want have in the Decision tree the field P0001-ANSVH.

The feature use the structure PME07, and this structure not have this field ANSVH.

I change the Structure name for decision fields to PME01 and active the feature and configure the feature, however the system not propose none value in the infotype 0008.

The question is, how can do for that this system work fine with a Decision tree using the field ANSVH.

Or this not is posible?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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By standard this feature use the following fields for selection:

BUKRS Company Code

WERKS Personnel Area

BTRTL Personnel Subarea

PERSG Employee Group

PERSK Employee Subgroup

SUBTY Subtype

MOLGA Country Grouping

If you want to add a different field why dont you try to create a program as the a return value. They work very nice. If you dont have knowledge in abap you will need an abaper, but usually the code is not that complex.

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There is no other form by configuration?

I know that by abap can.

Kind Regards

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Try changing the structure to PME04. This structure PME04 should get populated and you should be able to take decision on ANSVH. But the challenege would be if you need any other field that is available in PME07 but not in PME04.



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