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Feature BENGR

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There are fields e.g PA, PSA, EG, ESG to select for feature BENGR,  we want to add customer status to the selection. Is it the code change by ABAPer?

Pls advise.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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The fields in feature BENGR comes from feature structure PME30. So what ever fields you have in structure PME30, you can bring in those fields in the feature BENGR.

you can do the following;

1) got to PE03

2) Give BENGR

3) Select "Attribures"

4) Click on "Display"

5) Click on "Struct"

6) In Struct, you can see all the fields that are used.

There are three ways;

1) If you think of using PME30(standard SAP) strcuture, then you need SAP key to add the "Customer Status field"

2) Or you can change here and put a custom structure. Let's say "ZME30". In this structure copy all the fields from structure "PME30" and then add your additional field, "Customer Status". Now, when you go and create the BENGR feature logic, you could get the "Customer Status" field.

3) Also, you you use a user exit/BADI to put your logic if above two is not feasible.

Ideally, ABAPer would be required to do this.

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