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FBZP - Vendors with Different currencies - How to manage

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In this scenario, the system / company has 3 bank accounts each managing 3 currencies seperately, i.e. One for Japanese Yen, One for US Dollars and One for Arab Emirates Dirhams.

Now the complication that comes here is that some of the vendors or majority of those vendors maintain different currencies due to their nature of business and location. Different vendors have different currencies, Norwegian Cronor, Malaysian Ringitt, Singapore Dollar, so on and so forth.

Now, while testing the Auto Payments, some of the those tested vendors had only the above mentioned currencies which have maintained their accounts for the respective currencies (i.e. Yen, Dollar and Dirhams ONLY). And this worked. While trying with other currencies responded that the Payment method 'T' not supported.

How to accommodate the other currencies. Although, the local currency is US Dollars, how does the system pay in the respective currency? Or put it like this, how does the system handle this structure? As we need to accommodate other currencies too.

Kindly highlight a better solution.


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Hi Bhatia

I understand that your local currency is USD. I also guess you want to pay these FC payments from the USD account?. Is it not?.

If so, go to the GL Account (Bank sub-ledger) for that Bank account. Ensure that the currency key is USD in the "Control data"tab. If this is done, then this GL Account can handle any currency provided proper settings in FBZP as mentioned by another user are maintained as well as Exchange rate between the USD and other currencies are maintained.

S Jayaram

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To manage different currencies during the automatic payment run, ensure that following settings are made in the configuration for particular payment method:

Transaction: OBVCU - Payment method in the Country

- Leave the currencies allowed as "blank".

Transaction: OBVU - Payment method in the Company

- Check all the three check boxes for:

Foriegn business partner allowed

Foriegn currency allowed

Customer/Vendor bank abroad allowed

Transaction: OBVU - Bank Determination

- Make sure that entry for "Bank account" against the payment method, the currency column is blank.

I hope this solves your different currency problem.



Edited by: KANNADASAN KRISHNA on Dec 17, 2007 4:22 AM

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Dear Krishna,

Thanks for the update; now comes in the Transaction OBVU, which gives limited options, i.e. Payment Methods in Country and Paying company Codes, but not the Bank Determination.

Would FBZP help in this? I tried FBZP, but I couldn't manage to erase the Currencies as the corresponding bank accounts specified against the currencies, if re-entered gives "Same Key Exists, give another key or Skip".

But I need to delete those currencies but retain those bank accounts.

Moreover, I managed to delete the currencies against the corresponding Payment Methods.

Kindly help.