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FBL5N Descripency

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Hi all,

One Invoice is created, cancelled and new invoice is also created. But the Initially cancelled invoice is appearing in FBL5N(which should not).

To my knowledge, the user has posted partial settlement then cancelled the Invoice, after i suggesting him, he has reversed the Partial payment. But it still appearing in FBL5N which ideally should not......

the doc flow is as follows

Invoice 0090001261 19.10.2007 Completed

Accounting document 0090001261 19.10.2007 Not cleared

Cancel. Invoice (S1) 0090001343 22.10.2007 Open

What r the possible reasons and how shld i correct.

Awaiting ur responses.......



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Answers (3)

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FBL5N should give all open documents including cancelled documents and cancellation documents. Cancelled documents and cancellation documents are supposed to nullify each other. Please check for credit / debit indicator (H/S) .


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Any partial payment happen accounting document will not revers automatically, so manually FI should cancel or reverse that document.

other wise credit memo they wil raise on the name of sundry expenses and they will pass, if customer already paid.



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Check if the cancellation invoice is cleared (accounting docs are generated)

In FBL5N (being a standard report for customer ledger) you can hardly do anything.