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FB02 Header Problem

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Hi All Experts,

I am facing new problem in FB02. The sequence of activity is:

1. selected the document no, co.code, f.year.

2.selected Enter button.

3. in the document overview - document showing properly

4. from here i am editing the document line items.

upto this is correct.

then when i press the display document header (F5) button, then one message coming Carry out changes to the document header on the next screen. then i pressed the enter.

Then the screen is appearing the same gl accounts twice (i.e. two lines debit two credit) and the document total is showing also double. (Ex. i gave debit 1000, credit 1000. then the system showing 4000)

Ex: Given GL cash a/c 1000 Dr

to Expense GL 1000 Cr.

after selecting the document header button, pressed enter the message mentioned above showing:

Cash A/c 1000 Dr

exp.A/c 1000 Dr

cash A/c 1000Dr

exp A/c 1000Cr

Debit/Credit 4000.

Kindly give me the solution which i cant find here properly.

Thanks and Regards,


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Answers (2)

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Are you in version >=5.0 and document splitting is enabled? If this is so, the behaviuor of teh system is correct. Check the profit center/BA/Segment in the line items they will have different profit centers/BA/Segment.

Secondly You may be viewing the General Ledger view change it to Entry view. You will see the line items correctly.

Reward points if useful.


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Hi Sarma,

My version is 6.0. now my client only upgraded technically. I am not changing any data to there. in my unit testing document displayed correctly. but when i select the document header button it is showing like that.

How to change the view to normal. and also the items having the same profit/cost center and Business area.

Kindly give the suggestion asap.

Thanks and Regards,


Edited by: Raghav K on May 13, 2008 9:46 AM

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What are you trying to change in the document. Do note that there are limitations and all fields cannot be changed.