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Fast data Entry Screen for IT 0008

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Hi Guys,

Just a quick question :

Is there any Fast data Entry Screen for IT 0008 ( Basic pay) ???

I get it for IT0014 and IT0015 , but not IT0008 . The Screen Painter transaction PE51 does not show any Fast Entry screen for program MP000800 in the drop down.

Please advise.


Jay Gandhi

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Jay,

I dont think there is any fast entry screen for IT0008. Thats why there isn't any entry in table 'T588Q' for infotype 0008.

Also in FAST entry (actions) you will see some fields from infotype 0008 in the main hiring screen. There is no such screen like infotype 0014, 0015 for fast entry in 0008.



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Hi Ahmed,

Thanks for ur response.

U are right.

There is no fast data entry screen for IT 0008.

The table T588Q contains all infotypes that are usable for the fast data entry functionality in the SAP standard system.

If i want to use infotype 0008 , I have to create the fast data entry dynpro (4000 WITH default

values and dynpro 5000 WITHOUT default values).

But if i create for a SAP standard delivered infotype a dynpro 4000 or 5000 ,then this is a modification.

I think i will go for a Z IT 0008 developed Upload program.


Jay gandhi

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