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Hi. I would like an explanation about the t-code FAGLF101. Basically I understand how it works, but I am a little bit confused. I am trying to reclasify my Accounts Payable, however I am not getting the results I expect. An example, I have a vendor to whom I have to pay in 2 years. Is it possible to reclasify through FAGLF101? Because when I execute the t-code, it remains in the same level like others vendors which items are alredy due.

Thanks in advance.

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The below id the SAP program documentation. Hope it may be helpful

Short text

Balance Sheet Supplement - OI - Analysis


This report structures the payables and receivables into a sorted list (such as the 4th EU Directive) and executes transfer postings.

Additional adjustment postings are required in the following cases:

Vendors with a debit balance and customers with a credit balance

Changed reconciliation accounts or partners (VBUND)

Investment reporting

All accounts are processed that are carried with open item management.

Sorted List of Items

The decision on whether to sort an account based on receivables or payables depends on the balance sheet value of the account. This is the balance on the account for each reconciliation account and remaining term. If multiple accounts are linked through the same partner company, the common balance sheet value of the account group determines the type of sorted list. If the balance is positive, the sort for receivables is used, otherwise the sort for payables. You define the sort methods in Customizing. You can also create groups of accounts whose common balance is used for the sorted list. The group used for customers and vendors is the corporate group. For the G/L accounts, there is a separate field in the G/L account master.

With credit memos that refer to an invoice, the due dates are read from that invoice.

Vendors with a debit balance and customer with a credit balance are determined separately for each point in the list because only items with approximately the same remaining term can be added together.

The documents are summed under the current reconciliation account of the customer or vendor master. If a change is made, the amounts are transferred from the old reconciliation account to the new reconciliation account.


In some countries (such as France), the investments must be reported separately. You can select this addtional reporting by means of parameters. The investments are then reported for each reconciliation account as a total and transferred.


For each generated transfer posting, a cancelation posting is transferred to the session. With reconciliation accounts in the vendor or customer area, an adjustment account is posted.

When a target company code is used, all items are grouped under the target company code and then processed. The selected company codes, however, must have the same currency (such as local currency or group currency).

If a different valuation area is used, account determination for the transfer posting is run from within the selected valuation area. Processing is in the currency of the assigned valuation area (such as US GAAP in group currency USD).


If you want to generate the sorted list taking foreign currency adjustments into account, you must first execute foreign currency valuation with report FAGL_FC_VALUATION.

To generate a sorted list of open items, you need a sort method. Edit a method:

For the report FAGL_CL_REGROUP to make the desired adjustment postings, you must specify the adjustment accounts and the accounts for reporting the receivables and payables by remaining term and the customers with a credit balance or vendors with a debit balance:

Check the accounts for the transfer posting with changed reconciliation accounts:

If investments are reported and posted separately, you must also determine the accounts for that:

The necessary posting keys are provided in the standard system.


The main list shows the items read and sorted.

The posting list shows the postings transferred to the batch input session.

The message list shows you the errors and other events.

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Thanks! Do you know how to configure it? Because I have been trying but I do not ge the result I need.

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set up OBBV and OBBU for this issue.