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FAGL_IT_01 reverse document with Reference Transaction BKPF

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Hello Experts,

Year-End-Closing documents via FAGL_IT_01 have a reference trans. "GLYEC" whereas the reverse document of the YEC documents via FB08 have a reference trans. "BKPF".

Under the situation, Italy finance customers are not able to get their local reporting data via the SAP standard report T-cd:  S_PL0_86000028 (Fin. Statements: Act/Act Comparison).

How should they prepare the financial statement for local regal requirements in SAP?

PS. I already confirmed the KBA 2377192 which states the having the reference trans. "BKPF" in the reverse document of YEC document is expected result as per system design.
I was wondering how the local user could prepare their local reporting by SAP system.

Thank you for your support & Kindly Regards,


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We had similar issue back in 2017. User reverse the YEC Documents thru F.80 generating the same problem you describe. Others misunderstanding over this operation was also raised by our users such as Line Item Display, FBL3N you see the BKPF document(reversal one) mismatching the balance.


Our solution on this case was guide the user in terms of reverse to use same transaction FAGL_IT_01 with oposite D/C Posint Keys:


So, our users reversed the reversal document and performed like that.

They also set this as work procedure in case of any YEC Document reversal needs.


I hope it could help you.




Gabriel Coleti

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Dear Coleti,

Thank you so much for your prompt response.
I understand how users should have operated the program FAGL_IT_01.

As you mentioned, the same issue was found back in 2017. Could I know how the users were able to recover the issue ?
Raising the SAP ticket and developer could modified the data?

Much appreciated if you know any recovery procedure they faced the issue in 2017.

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They have cancelled the reversal document posted thru FB08... and reversed the YEC Document using same t.code FAGL_IT_01 with opposite D/C posting keys.