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FAGL_FC_VAL Delta Avaluation

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Good Morning,

when running Delta Open Itens reavaluation at the end of year i get no problems. When doing it again for the same date or even to a new date the system shows none or some differences but, in spite posting the reavaluation correctly it alsos post reverse document. The values and why the system is doing it.... i can't understand it.

I'm new to this Delta Logic and i did not implement it. I'm just doing some support.

Can anyone explain why is the system reversing values? And what values are these?

Thanks in advance,

Nuno Anjos

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Anjos,

As far as I know, when the DELTA logic enhancement is done, the ex. rate valuation difference will be posted into BSEG-BDIFF of valuated documents.

If DELTA logic enhancement is not done, the ex. rate valuation difference will not be updated into BSEG-BDIFF of valuated documents. if the doc. was  updated wrongly, then you could create a msg under component FI-GL-GL-G for further checking.

Kindly refer Below OSS note for your reference-





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Dear Raheem,

i'll check BSEG and see if in fact the values are related to that what you say. If yes, i will close the post and reward points.

Anyway...the answer is helpfull

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