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F150 - Sending email to CC

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Greetings everyone,

User requirement is to send the dunning notice generated through F150 via email to the client, and inserting in CC the user responsible for creating the sales document that hasn't been paid yet.

We are implementing BTE 1040 for the dunning event and the email is sent correctly when populating c_finaa-nacha 'I', however the BTE 1040 interface has no field referring to the document that the system is creating the dunning notice for. Table MHND is empty at the time of code execution so we cannot consult that table to know which notice is linked to which document at runtime.

Do you have any tips regarding this?

Thank you very much.

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The MHND is a table parameter of the FM actually calling the BTE (PRINT_DUNNING_NOTICE[ ,_SF,_PDF] 

  • Try to debug the call (stack) to find actual caller, with luck those data would be stored in global area. or look for another BTE to find this information (e.g. 00001020?) and save it in some shared memory or in some appended fields in CI_MHNK.
  • But there can be multiple documents for a single MHNK record (so multiple users)


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Thank you Raymond, I will investigate BTE 1020.