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F13E GRIR clearing

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Hi ,

Can anybody describe me the main difference between T code f.13 (automatic clearing without clearing currency) and F13E (automatic clearing with clearing currency).

What is clearing currecy?

Is it that if GR and IR in different currency you need to use this Tcode Fe instead of F13.

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Meena Raghu

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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F.13 and F13E are the same, both are report SAPF124. But interally, the same report is started using different variants> SAP&F124 (F.13) and SAP&F124E (F13E) .

In F.13, 3 fields are just hidden:

Clearing Currency (ZWAERS)

Clearing curr. from assignment (XSOBEBVK)

Expiring Currencies (XAUSLW)

If ZWAERS is filled in, neither XSOBEBVK nor XAUSLW may be ticked. The F1 helps on those fields tell almost everything you need.

Regarding your question, clearing GR/IR when items are in different currency. No, you do not need to use F13E, if the local currency amounts in the GR/R items are balancing to zero. (In most cases, they will)

When using F.13, the clearing currency is always the company code currency. (Clearing currency = document currency in the clearing doc to be created, all amounts to be cleared are converted to the clearing currency for the clearing comparison).

However, in F.13, the original document currency (which were different in your case) are not considered at all. The system is looking only at the local currency amounts in the open items. If they are balancing to zero (and of coure the clearing criteria, like assignment field, are met), clearing takes place.

In F13E, you can specify a clearing currency. (If you do not, F13E is the same as F.13). The currency you specify here becomes the document currency of the clearing documents to be created. More important, all open items are converted to this currency and the converted amounts are matched. If the match, you can clear, if not, you cannot. However, even if they do, it could be that the original local currency amounts won!t match. This would lead to automatic FX difference postings (while the clearing is also done of course). This is a very big difference between F.13 and F13E: in F13E you may have FX differences posted, which is impossible in F.13

Pls. let me know if you have further questions on this, otherwise close the topic.

Hope that helps, points welcome


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Hi Csaba,

Am sorry could not see your message.

Just saw am awarding full points ,

thanks for your explanations

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