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F110 Run intended for cross-payment run payment media

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Hello Guru's,

When I run F110 for a payment method linked to a PMW file, in log I get the message:

"Payment run xxxxxxxxx is intended for cross-payment run payment media"

...and because this message, I cannot generate the file even in SAPFPAYM_MERGE program / table TFIBLMPAYBLOCK.

What can be the customizing behind this?

The most weird thing is that in our TST system everything works smoothly ( file generated sucessfully) and in DEV system I'm stuck on this.

Thanks in advance

João Pereira

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please check in Transaction OBPM5 if BRM is activate for the F110 identifier. If yes, then it means the F110 run ID is activated for Cross-payment-run-payment media.

If you dont want the cross-payment run payments to happen, then remove this check box and delete the proposal and re-run again. It should work as normally.

Let me know if you need any clarifications.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Thank you for your support. Finally I discover the error, it's about one check in a z*class interface: ZCL_IM_3F_BCM_F110_SCH_JOB. It's validating the entree in table TFIBLMPAYBLOCK.

Problem solved.

Best Regards,

João Pereira

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Hi João Pereira,

Check if you had some customizing for it at transaction OBPM5 and adjust according with your requirement.

a workaround for the current payment run is the following:

Execute Function Module FIBL_PAYMENT_RUN_MERGE_DELETE via SE37

with the parameters payment run and identification.

I_LAUFD : Date of payment run, the way you see it in F110

I_LAUFI : Identification of payment run, the way you see it in

I_XVORL : Leave empty

This will delete a REGUVM record and the REGUHM records.

After this, you can execute the print program again.

I hope I could be of assistance.

Best Regards,

Fernando Evangelista