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F110 question - payment run without posting

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Hi all,

I have a following problem. I have set up a payment method that can do the payment run but at that moment does not post anything and does not close the open item. Now when I try to post an outgoing payment it shows that there are no open items even thou this open item is clearly open but with a payment proposal created thus can not be closed.

What should be the next step after I have made a payment run that didi not post to vendor accout and the open item is still open?



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Some issues is there

first check that line items ore due items or not.if u have enter

any payment terms while posting the invoice.

check APP run dates and doc dates.

check that payment mathad is assined to that vendors or not.

if u check all these things i think ur problem will be solved.



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Here is what I am trying to set up.

Circled in red is the option that I want to use. I do not want to stop at the proposal but want to make a complete payment run without the posting or closure of open items.

Then open items should be closed when the bank statement arrives.

Best regards,


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check whether open items are blocked for payment, remove the blocks manually and run payment proposal again

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Nagesha, you don't understand, I can make a pyment run but I am trying to run it without closing open items. I acctually succeed in that but then afterwards don't know the steps since payment run has been completed, open items are not closed (I want it that way). So after the completed payment run I need to somehow "continue" the process and close OI. Don't know if it is done with import of bank statement or in some other way?!

I tried entering manually an outgoing payment but this item can not be closed in this way sice it has been paid already.

Any ideas?



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The payment program creates payment orders automatically. Payment orders are deleted once the open items they contain are cleared (when the account statement is posted).

To view payment orders that have not yet been completed, from the Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable menus, choose Periodic - Payments - Environment - Payment orders - Display overview.

To delete a payment order, from the Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable menus, choose Periodic processing - Payments - Environment - Payment orders - Delete.

I hope you got it..

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Yes I did but it is not what I expected or hoped for since deletion does not represent a logical step in a process, unless you want to go a step back.

Ok thanks for the help.

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I dont believe what you are trying to achieve is possible.

The reason for this, is that if an invoice is part of a payment proposal it cannot be edited. Therefore if you want the bank statement to clear the open item, it will not be possible as the payment run is locking that open item.

I am afraid you will have to use SAP standard processing to get the invoices cleared by the payment run, and that sent to the bank. The payment should post to a bank sub ledger.

When the bank statement comes in, it will clear the bank sub ledger account for the payment and update the actual bank account.

Hope this helps. Award points if useful.

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hi Duasn,

Have u resolved this issue ,? I am also having same requirement .. can you please tell me how you resolved it. ?

Please advise ,m

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Hello I´m the same requirement. Is this problem resolved. Please advise.

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Hi Dusan,

Here is what you need to do.. (what nagesh has been saying)

Create a new payment method or modify your existing method in FBZP go to tab payment method in Country

In the Tab Payment details where you have the document types there is a small box Payment order only. Put a tick on the box.. and all the other fields are balnked out..

if you read the help file in the box

"Indicator: Payment Order Instead of Payment Posting

Means that the payment program does not post a payment document and the paid items are not cleared.

Instead, the system generates and saves a payment order. The information contained in this order can be used to clear the items at a later date.

The payment is posted when it appears on the bank statement, and the relevant open items are selected when the payment order is entered.

The paid items remain blocked for other clearing transactions and further payment runs until the payment has been posted."

This way when you run F110, the item is blocked and has a narration payment order.

The system assigns a payment order which you can find in the REGHUP table

Once the bank statement is received, you can use clear the open item using the payment order.

The item is blocked for other processing like open item clearing etc..

Please note that there are certain limitation like if you are using CML, it does not recognise the payment order and will allow you to have the item marked with Payment order...

Let me know if this helps..

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Hello Jayaraman,

thanks for your post, could you please tell me which data is needed to be entered in the bank statement to match the vendors invoice?

Is interpretation alg. 029 right for this process?

In Manual bank statement (FF67) i use variant with fields: Transaction / Value Date / Bank reference / Amount.

Are any additional fields required to match the vendors invoice with interpretation alg. 029?? And please, what are the values to be filled - as for example. Where do I find the "payment order number" - from F110?

Thank you a lot.


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Sorry Lubos was tied up with some work.. If you send a file with the Payment order, the payment order number is what is sent to the bank and not the Vendor Invocie number. So you will not be able to clear using the vendor invoice number, but use the payment order number which is your reference.



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Hello Jay, thanks for reply,

well I made some progress in the customization, I have now the payment medium and payment sumarry.

Payment medium format is "CZSK-POKLADNICA2.0-D".

File name of payment medium is "in_2890M_20110393_100.XML"


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1250" ?>

<Batch xmlns=""


xsi:schemaLocation=" platby_batch_bb.xsd">




























<CR_VS>1000080003</CR_VS> // this is the XBELNR reference number in Vendors invoice







I have tried the XBLNR reference number as the bank reference number in FF67 statement but no match with interpretation alt. 029. I do not know which is the right number to enter into bank reference field.

I have found this:

Interpretation alg. 029 (Payment order number): This algorithm searches using the payment order number. The algorithm uses number range XBELNR.

Could you please give me an example of working medium format with needed bank reference number.

I provide screenshots.

I thank for any tips.

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I have found the number I wanted in PYORDP table. Vendors invoice is now matched with bank statement.

Still want to make SAP clear open item automatically after entering bank statement. Now the system only post an outgoing payment but does not clear the open item (open item doesnt appear in open items available for payment - F110 has blocked the OI it for processing like F-44 Clear vendor.)

Thanks for any tips

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in another thread sapfico user wrote a useful post, I had to leave posting key blank on Dr side and not to force it to posting key 27, and I had to set posting rule to 4 instead 1 in posting area 2.

Now the system matches and cleares Vendors invoice.

I didn´t saw any bank statement from the bank to the company which is used as a example company.


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Hi Dusan,

From the description you have given what i understood is that you run the payment proposal and not the payment run. Since no payment run was carried out you see the open items inthe vendor account and not the payment. Select the Payment run button onthe first screen of T-code F110 and start the payment run if you want to make the payment through the F110.

Since you have created the payment proposal the open items that are included inthe payment proposal are now locked for mannual payment. If you want make make the payment entries mannually delete the apyment proposal by selecting Go To - Proposal - Delete. Then you will be able to makepayment mannually.

Assign points if you find this helpful.


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hi Dusko,

you have two options:

-go on with F110, so run the payment and post them


-delete the payment proposal (this you can do from F110 menu)

hope this helps