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F110 payment run - Plant wise

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Dear All,

We have a scenario where clients is having five plants under one legal entity.

Client wants F110 payment run separately for all vendor invoices specific to the plant.

For all plants , there are separate bank accounts and respective invoice must go to plant specific bank account as this is legal requirement of the country.

Could you please let me know configuration steps to manage this scenario.

Also can you let us know, how can we make payment to selected Vendors in F110 ( additional field tab).

In paramater tab,we have the option to incorporate the selected vendor codes.

In additional field tab,we have only 3 row with a range of Vendor codes.

Now i want to make payment to 50 vendors(specific to one plant) the vendor codes are 001,18,58,193, can we do this while we run the payment program.

Do suggest


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Create a substitution rule based on which SAP will enter the correct house bank automatically in the invoice.



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Dear Ron,

Thank for the mail.But the solution provided by you,but that didn't worked,as we have already updated the house bank thro' BTE.

Our requirement is that we want to make payment specific to plant.

In F110 the system has to process the payment specific to one plant and all the other plant payment must not be processed.


we have 5 plants 1000,1100,1200,1300,1400 & 1500.

Now if the user related to plant 1200 run F110,we want the system to process payment documents related to plant 1200 only and the other plants payments(documents) has to excluded and vice versa.

This is our actual requirement

How can we acheive this in Standard SAP.

Do suggest

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When you are posting an invoice, some field in the invoice document must have plant information. Based on that you can substitute the House Bank. Lets say for example, You enter the value "Plant1" in the Assignment field of the vendor invoice. and you want to pay Plant1 invoices through house Bank HBK01. Then your should create a substitution rule saying if the value in say assignment field is "Plant1" then substitute House Bank field in the vendor line with value HBK01. If you are using a dedicated vendor number ranges specific to plant, then you can do the house bank substitution based on vendor ID as well, and then you don't have to enter Plant info in the invoice.

Then all the invoices will have right house bank data. Now to make sure that you are paying to vendor posting specific to a plant in the payment run. You can go to FREE SELECTION tab of payment run(F110) when you enter parameters, and in the drop down under field name double click others option and select the document and enter. and then select and enter the field that you are using to enter plant information. In my example I have used Assignment field to enter plant information. So, I will select BSEG-ZUONR. Then I will go to Values field and enter "Plant1". Then Payment run will pick up only "Plant1" invoices.

If you already using some rules to enter the house bank in the invoice, then you might not want to use the substitution rule. But find out which field in the vendor invoice has plant infomation, and select that field as i have shown above though FREE SELECTION.