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         We have a issue regarding the payment advice. When the user is running the payment advice the mail which is sent through SOST has gone correctly to all employee vendor except one vendor. His mail has gone to another one vendor. We have used ABAP program and we checked the logic,the email id is picked from vendor master table(lfb1) and the mail id is maintained correctly for that vendor. We tried all our possibilities but we are are not able to find out. Please help us out.

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Hi ,

Hi check your Vendor master is updated with more than one mail id and check which is the logic you given to pick the mail id.if ther is more than one mail id you can use the remark field as also a selection parameter



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Hello Priya,

Where you created ABAP Program, In BTE you created the program or used any user exit.

Payment Advice program is RFFOAVIS_FPAYM. In this program your might have attached your SAP Script or smart form. So in the smart form ABAPer would have written code through BTE or Direct coding.

So better you debug for the specific vendor and check from where the mail id is picking....


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If it is a custom ABAP program, check for typical errors like not clearing email Id field before processing next vendor. Even if you have already checked the logic, there could be a data situation (between various selects, loops, if conditions, etc.) that could be causing this behaviour. Simple code review may not help - better would be to re-create the problem if possible and then debug.