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F110 Free Selection Tab

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What is use of "Free Selection " tab in F110?

How to use this tab ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Free selection tab in F110

is to

"include" or exclude the values in your payment proposal.

When you press F4 or drop down list in this tab, you get


Vendor master record

Customer master record

Select the relevant field, then fill the field values.

If you select "Exclude values", those values will be excluded, otherwise they will be included.

You cannot select more than 3 fields.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Raj,

Free selection tab is sort the payable line items like document type ,doc date fiscal year,posting date and so on.

In free selection tab 2 option are available



For example you have 100 payable open item with you in that you have to pay only those are related with particular business this senario you can use free selection option and select that field and give the value of business area.system will pay only this business related open items only.

Same senario but if you dont want to pay same business area related payments select the Exculde check box.system avoid the payable item in this payment run.

May be this information is useful to you

If you have any doubt feel free to ask



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Basically the free selection tab in F110 is to give the selection criteria- i.e to include or exculde values in the payment run.You can either specify single values or give a range of values.

The field name for which you either want to include or exclude values should be given and then the parameters which could either be a single value or range of values need to be specified.

Say for example your field label could be document number - the field name for that is BKPF-BELNR- here you can specify what are the document numbers you need to chose or exclude for the payment run.

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Free Selection is a kind of filter where you can filter the documents like you want only KR doucment to be processed or certain Business area documents to be processed. You can find all the filter option using F4.