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F110- Debit balance Check

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I have a requirement where we run Payment Program(F110) country wise. For

example say all company codes in DE country and with EUR currency in one


When I run payment run, I need to check for that vendor across all DE

company codes whether I have any debit balance? if there is debit balance

after summing up in all company codes, then that vendor should get blocked

in all company codes and even the documents selected in current payment run

should not get paid. The idea is thta after paying the documents in the

current run, the vendor should not have a debit balance in his account.

Now, I am using BTE 1820 for this. the logic that was used till now was

not correct so now we wnat to chnage the logic in this BTE with what I have

mentioned above.

My Question is, I need to take all documents that are green in the current

proposal in the current run and then go to table BSIK, take all open items

for that vendor MINUS

all documents that were green in the proposal. So how do I get green items

in proposal? The ABAPER says, he cannot get what is green in the proposal


Any idea?


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Answers (2)

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Based on the requirement mentioned , kindly note that if the payment method mentioned at country level is outgoing payment then while running the APP it will display the message as debit balance exist for that particular vendor and it will block the vendor from getting paid during F110 run. hence by comparing vendor and posting key at the line item level if the posting key with the debit indicator exist and the document type is (corresponding vendor invoice type) then the amount for those vendor item are totalled and it can be deudcted from the total amount of vendor credit balance .

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Thanks Mahesh,

But my Question and requirement is that i need to check debit balance in future and in present.

Say for example, a Vendor has 30 line items out of which 18 are due and 12 are not due, When I run APP F110, standard SAP would pick up 18 that are due ( we have a Z program for selection of due date also and the due dates are different for different currencies) and may make few line items red, say because of some reason. Now i want to pick up only green items as could be paid from the current payment run and then go to BSIK table and for that vendor across all company codes, and excluding these Green line items from the current proposal, I check the remaining line items, and if the net balance of all the line items is debit then it is compared with a table where the debit limit is maintained and if this debit balance is greater than what is maintained in the table, then i do not pay.

Now, What I need is the green items which SAP would pay in the current payment run and before the proposal is executed I want to go to BSIK and perform checks and if the check says debit balance is greater thatn what is maintained in the table, then i would block even those items which are green by SAP in the current run.

ABAPER says in BTE 1820, he is unable to find the document Nos. which are made green by SAP.. I need to know is there any way i get to know what would be green by SAP and then I can take those items and work on the check before this the proposal is finally executed.