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F110 and payment medium workbench

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I made a DME payment medium format, linked the event modules to the format tree, made a selection variant.

When in OBPM1, the button 'DME engine' points to the right tree.

My question is : what is to be filled in in F110 in the tab 'Printout/data medium', please ? Now it lists two programs 'RFFOAVIS_FPAYM' and 'RFFOEDI1', but they seem standard values and I doubt this is correct.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You need to have a variant for 'RFFOAVIS_FPAYM' only if you are sending notifications otherwise OBPM4 is all that you need for saving the text file.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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If you have maintained the variant in SE38 for the program SAPFPAYM, that's enough for the DME to generate a EFT but if want to print a payment advise along with EFT then maintain separate variant in 'RFFOAVIS_FPAYM' with advise form and co codes details.



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There is nothing you need to do in OBPM1, if you are from country that the standard settings are already maintained by SAP.

Please go to DMEE and check if there is any DME structure available for your country, then simply copy that DME structure into FBZP (Payment Methods for country). Not required to use classic program if you are opting for DME structure. In case if the DME structure provided by SAP is not sufficient to meet the requirement of your country / bank, then you may have to create it in DMEE.

You need to create the variant in OBPM4 for the DME structure and tell where the file needs to be saved. To save a file in at a place make sure that in OBPM1 the "DME file output" check box has been ticked.

You can see the folders available to save on the application server in transaction code AL11.