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f.27 account statement clearing column

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i do not understand what is this clearing column in the account statement. can anyone explain.

does it mean if the document number is shown, it is still open item that yet to be moved to cleared item during the account statement key date?

let say the statement key date is 2008-06-30. if the clearing document moved to cleared item on 2008-06-29 then it will not be shown in the statement?


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This is to do with the key date in F.27. If you select the key date as, say 31.07.2008, then the system will select all items in the account which were open as on 31.07.2008, even if they were cleared after 31.07.2008.

The clearing will indicate that the document has been cleared after the key date, i.e the clearing situation at the time of generation / execution of the report.


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Is it possible to use f.27 and get a customer statement without clearing line items? I mean having just invoices and payments and balance?

Any other report can do that?


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Hi mohammad,

sap provide different types predefined reports.

customer over due items  S_ALR_87012178.

customer wise sales      S_ALR_87012186.

customer out standing list S_ALR_87012173.

customer age wise report S_ALR_87012176.

customer advance report S_ALR_87012199.

customer ledger          S_ALR_87012197.


G Rajendhar.