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F.05 Revaluation - 4 Questions

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Hi Gurus,

Q1. F.05 run once; if we try to run it again, would it post the document of revaluation again which would duplicate the entry..? (Functions selected / checked would be posting and revaluating GL accounts)

Q2. F.05 run once, in another currency, for example INR. Now want revaluation in USD to be posted. Possible..? But how..? Wouldn't it duplicate the last run..?

Q3. Do we have to run F.05 in background or foreground (Execute)..? For background, the further processing is through SM37, where the print command is given..right..??

Q4. What if there is duplication, how shall we reverse the FX Document type data..?? Through FB08..??

Q5.In our scenario, we have run the revaluation, but the document hasn't been generated yet. What could be the reason..??

Points available. Thanks.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Any clues anyone..??

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1. If during the first instance you check off the box create postings, then yes, if you run it again, it will create duplicates. You are only to run F.05 once every month. You have the option of reversing the whole postings which then allows you to run it again.

2. You may be able to run in USD provided the company code is different.

3. Further processing is run through SM35. You may either run it in the foreground if you want to find out why those errors out. Because that is the only way you can analyse the error issues. If there are no errors during the normal run, there is no need for SM35.

4. For reversal use transaction code: There is no specific transaction code for reversing foreign currency valuation. In our case, since the documents were already generated, we went into the various accounts, got the document numbers and did a mass reversal. But in your case, you said no documents have been generated so there is no need for reversal. In the event that, these documents are logged in your batch input (SM35), you have the option of deleting it or process it in the foreground to determine the errors messages.

5. If no document is generated during the revaluation, use SM35 to analyse the errors. Process in the foreground to rectify the errors.

Let me know if this helps.


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