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F.05 is not considering the Reversal entries - How to resolve this?

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Hi All,

Ver : 4.7 R/3.

F.05 was executed for FC valuation in Jan 2007.

Reversal option was NOT selected and hence no reversal postings were done in subsequent period.

So, we now reversed the reval.entries (of 31.Jan.2007) using FB08.

So, if we run F.05 as on 30.april.2007, system is still showing the previous reval.value (of Jan 07) as Old difference.

This means that it is not considering the Reversals made via FB08.

Required: System has to consider the reversal of revalation entries. (which means that entries posted in Jan 2007 should not be shown as Old difference in F.05)

pl provide your inputs. Appreciate you can revert IMMEDIATELY..

kind regards,


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Hi Jai,

In transaction OB59 , select the valuation method. In the Valuation procedure change the tick in the radio button from Always Valuate to reset. then save.

Then run F.05, all the entries are reset.

but don't forget to change the setting again to Always valuate and then run F.05 with revised exchange rate.

Hope this helps. Feel free to revert in case of further clarification.

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Dear Ravi,

Thanks for the prompt reply. pl help me with the following:

1. In my test client, when I run F.05 withOUT selecting the Reversal option, still the creates reversal entries automatically !! How is that possible?

[The same is Not true in Production client. ie. in Prod.client, if I do not select "reverse posting"option, then system doesNOT reverse the reval entries. This seem logical]

2. In prod.client now that I have reversed the reval entries via FB08, if I use the OB59 procedure suggested by you, will reset both :

a) Reval entries created by F.05

b) Reversal entries made via FB08

awaiting your reply.

thanks & regards,


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The Procedure will only reset the entries created by F.05.

You will have to reset the FB08 entries manually.

Kind regards