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F-03 missing open items (Not able to run RFSEPA02)

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Hi all,

One of the GL account was change to open item managed. The situation is that we still have open items which do not appear in F-03.

I checked SAP note 136754 and it asks me to run program RFSEPA02 but when I run that program it says "

"Do not use the report program to set up open item management for the


Create a new account with the correct account assignment. Post your

items to the new account. If you want to use the original account

number, you must bring the account balance to zero, change the account

assignment, and repost the items. You can remove the old items by

archiving the documents"

Can anybody tell me what to do as we have hundreds of movements on accounts that are “uncleared?

Is there any other program?



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Answers (2)

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Use ZFSEPA02 - This is a program recommended by SAP. 322687

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Hello Ravana,

check OSS note 175960 if you still want to use the program RFSEPA02.

Best regards