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Extracting PC_PAYRESULT data from RT table using Winshuttle

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Hi all,

I know this question is a blend from both SAP and Winshuttle, but I wanted to know if any one has had any success in obtaining Payslip data from the Winshuttle QUERY program, or any other third party reporting provider?

I've had zero success in being able to produce the data as per what is held in the RT table.

Many Thanks,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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We're using Easy Reporter to retrieve data from PA, OM, Time and Payroll, and such Reports can combine data from more than one of these sources, and that include from a table from the Time Evaluation Cluster or the Payroll Results Cluster.

For example, we built one that combines data from Attendances (IT2001) with compatible data from RT and V0 Tables, and an other one that combines info from IT0000, IT0001 and data from Table TCRT (Payroll Canada), and some of our "Super-Users" can create their own Reports.

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