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Hi PP Experts

I need to send a material outside for painting. This will be done by external vendor. Once this operation is finished material can be received as Finished product (Material code:-FG1234).

1. Production order is created for the material # FG1234

2. Inproces inspection (03 )assigned.

3. Routing u2013 created for the Material # FG1234

If I include the external process as my last operation, how can I handle in SAP.

My question here is

I need to send out the Semi finshed material to vendor (subcontractor)

1. How can I capture this? What are the settings need to configured or included in routing & BOM.

Because there is no inventory control for this semifinished goods? Do I need to create one SF material or one dummy material code is enough?

2. The material return back to client is asu201Du2019 Finished goodsu2019u2019 FG1234, I need to have inspection for this goods.

3. Which inspection type I can use u2013 04 or 05 or 03 because the same 03 inspection is used for earlier operations?



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fallow th following step

Each and every time that material is went for out side you maintain PP02 control key in routing or if you are not sure in that case make a setting in at order lavel.

1) Create order or routing and assign PP02 control key in last operation and assign require data

2) if you want auto PR after releasing production order assign the same material to this operation or manually create Purchase order with out material and assign same material as component or create a dummy material, create Purchase order for dummy material assign same material as a component. In purachese order your cost account should be production order means automatically system update the cost against order.

3) then send same material to subcontractor 541 mov

4) then GR 101 for final material in that material ssign 01 inspection type

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Hi shant kumar / Mario/harish,

thanks for the reply

Shant kumar this is what i thought ,

if i didn't create SF material, how can i track the material ?

Any idea or any report so user can aware of material is in vendor's premise?



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Hi Sami,

You can use MBLB to check the stock at subcontractor...



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Thanks Saro & shanta kumar