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external repaired with quantity

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Dear All,

I am quiteconfuse with a case. The case is:

We use external repair for our equipment. this equipment is integrate with MM so it has serial number and quantity. We want when it need repaired the PM order generate PR and converted to PO. This equipment is transfer to vendor service too. after it is repaired we GR this equipment back.

Can SAP PM support this case.

As long as i tried, i use refurbishment order without valuation type, but the equipment is 261 and dissapear from stock and 101 receipt to stock. it is not integrated with purchasing

Kindly help.

Best regards,

Freddy Ha

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Its not possible to create sub-contracting PR from the Maintenance order.

you can create a PR with item category 'L' (sub-contracting)

Enter the vendor whom u need to send, material, quantity etc

If u want to send finished goods (FERT type), then in the PR in Item Column, select Material Tab and click on Conponents icon to your left, enter the component or sub- components you need to send.

Save the PR and Create PO with reference to PR.

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- Pithan

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i have search all i could in web,

yes you are right this feature is not supported.

We must use some trick


best regards,

freddy ha

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I Hope you r doing follwing steps :

As order already created,

1. Change Equipment to dismantle the equipment and reinstall at vendors location.

2.Send material to stores , Movement u2013 Goods Issue ,Movement type -202.

3.Release PR

4.Create PO , Relase PO.

5.Transfer posting to vendor ,Movement Type-941

6.Stock overview to see the stock in stores and check Equipment at vendors location

7.Transfer posting to stores,Movement Type-942,Equipment taken to stores from vendor

8.Issue material to cost center (Functional Location) ,Movement u2013 Goods Issue ,Movement type -201

9.Change Equipment (install the equipment )

10.Create Service Entry sheet ,Release service entry sheet

11.Invoice verification and F-53 Payment to Vendor.

12. Order Confirmation.

Hope this will help you.


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As i can see your step is seperate integration between PM and MM

You use install / dismantle with mvt type and then move it to vendor.

The PO is send is not integrate with equipment that needs to be sent to vendor.

Is there anyway to integrate PM and MM in this case?

any idea is cery appreciated

Best regards,

Freddy Ha