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External number range for Employees as vendor

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Dear SAP gurus,

The requirement is to have same vendor code as that of personnel number for all employees in FI. I ran PRAA but it is running only when reference vendor belongs to account group which has got internal no range assignment, Is it possible to have vendor code in FI same as that of employee personeel no. in HR.

Please adv.

Thanks a ton!

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Yes, you can have in FI.

1. Create an accounting group- Employee Vendors.

2. Assign number range to account group however you want. Make sure account number assignment should be external.

3. When you create vendor FK01 system prompts external number, so here you can enter the Employee personnel number and crete vendor.


Murali. N

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It implies that user has to enter the number manually. It cannot be automatic.

Ismy understanding OK.

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yes thats what "external number range" means, the number is set external (user, sending application,...). Internal means the number is given from SAP automatically by just taking the next not assigned number from a given numberrange.

Best regards, Christian