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External Activity Price

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Dear Experts,

how to get the actual external activity price at the time of confirmation of production order.

Example : For Internal activity prices we are planning the prices in KP06/KP26 , and for actual prices we are confirming the activity time say minutes/ hrs. So we will get variances depends on confirmation.

Planning For Internal ActivitiesKP06 /KP26
Actual Prices for Internal  ActivitiesCO11N(Plan Price* Actual qty)

Planning For External ActivitiesCA01Net Price directly maintained under External Processing Tab by giving a cost element
Actual Price for External Activities??????

I need to see the actual price for external activity @ PO Confirmation.....Is it possible. Plz guide me.


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Answers (2)

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Dear Jyosh

Please try to use Additive cost through CK74 in your case for external services. Don't forget to tick additive cost button in your Costing Variant and Valualtion Variant, other wise it will not pickup additive cost. It will come in Standard cost of material.or your help below are the links on additive cost :

However, If you enter any additive costs in CK11N, It is done because you cant estimate additive cost  through Qty Structure. But, the actual costs comes in order t through Material issues/Activity Confirmations. hence, the additive costs does not apply here. This is standard  behavior of SAP, and I think we cant help it.


Rajneesh Saxena

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How will system know Actual price @ Po confirmation?

Actual Price is what you calculate during period end closing,. if you have Material Ledger with Actual Costing. In some circumstances we can treat moving average price as actual price from mathematical point of view.

Check this

Thank You