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Expose a Cloud data source for ODP

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tried to expose a newly created cloud data source on 1605 and the expose button in the data sources OWL (WoC Business Analytics View Data sources) is greyed out.

Does this mean that these can't be exposed and made available to ODP?

Thanks a lot for any input.

Best wishes, Michael

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Michael,

the idea behind ByD Cloud Data Sources is to enrich ByD embedded analytics and its data sources and reports by external data.

For that reason you can externally expose basic data sources, combined and joined data sources, planning data sources and virtual data sources; but not cloud data sources.

Basically I would propose to connect your external data source directly with your BI solution:

  • Your data source >> ByD Cloud Data Source (to enrich ByD embedded analytics)
  • Your data source >> BI Solution (for global analytics)
  • ByD Data Sources (other data source types) >> BI Solution (for global analytics)

In case your cloud data source makes sense in combination with a ByD data source only, you can build a combined or joint data source in ByD using ByD embedded data sources and your ByD cloud data source, and then externally expose this combined/joined data source.

If you would like to setup a global analytical dashboard to analyse data across many systems, I would recommend a pure analytical solution with comprehensive connectors like SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Cloud for Analytics or SAP Lumira.

Best regards,


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