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Export Report Painter's Report from one client to another

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I would like to know besides using transport request, is there any way to export the Report to a text file and upload it in another server?


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Answers (4)

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in PS my reports which i have already created, it did not appear to me in GR37 to in export them ? any advice ?

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Please try the following:

1) GR37

Library YYY

Report ZZZ

Checked - with dependent objects

Checked - export to presentation server

Export file - use C drive example c:\zzz


2) GR38

Checked - Import from server

Export file c:\zzz.txt

Log should read something as below:

Report Writer: Import Transport Objects

Import from file:


R3OB REWR RWSO\*\SAP >>> Object imported

R3OB REWR RWLO\SSM >>> Object imported

R3OB SETS STVO\&1VALUTP >>> Object imported

R3OB SETS STVO\&1VERP >>> Object imported

R3OB SETS STVO\&1KSTAR >>> Object imported

R3OB SETS STVO\&1CGJAHE >>> Object imported

R3OB SETS STVO\&1CPERIV >>> Object imported

R3OB SETS STVO\&1CPERIB >>> Object imported

R3OB REWR RWRO\YYY\ZZZ >>> Object imported

Import finished

3) Check and test imported report

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Edited by: Bernard Siow 123 on Jul 7, 2009 9:41 AM

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Thanks Bernard,

I used GR37 to copy the report, but now it gave out the following error. I did not create the report and I checked the option "With dependent objects". When I view the report in GR33 it is missing a part of the fields what I can see in the source client.

It seems to me that the report is linking an associate object but I am not sure. I want to ask how can I solve this?

W-R3OB REWR RWRD\ZCW\ZCXXXXX >>> group 0103COW not transported.

W-R3OB REWR RWRD\ZCW\ZCXXXXX>>> Transport groups separately if necessary.

Thanks again for the kind help.

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I guess you havent copied the Report Group for the Report you have transported.

Check in which Report Group you have generated your Report and try to transport that too.

Use GR57 - Export Report Group

GR58 - Import Report Group

If it is Client -to- Client copy

There is a 'Copy from Client'

1.Go to Target Client

2.a)Run GR59 Transaction - Report Group

b)Run GR39 Transaction - Report

3.Input the Source Client and the Report Group/Report you want to copy.


Hope it helps to solve your query.



PS: I have given the Client to Client copy option because of your 'Title' which reads 'Export Report Painter's Report from one client to another'.

But your question is different.

Try to put the same contents related to your problem in the Title and in your question.

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GR37 Export Reports

GR38 Import Reports