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Export PDF with additional data

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I would like to add a button on the toolbar next to the PDF button.

Which would export a pdf to a path then call a script to which we can send META data with,like order number, business partner nr. etc.

Where can one add a icon and write a function for this?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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In the B1 SDK Help for 8.8 ... see the help on "Controlling Toolbar Items".


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Hello Edward thanks for your help!

This looks like one can control what happens when you click on one of the existing toolbar items on your self created forms.

And there is a part for adding new menu's.

But there is no info on how to create a new toolbar item ?

Or am I reading this wrong ?

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Best of my known you cannot add a new item into the toolbar. it is not implemented in UI API, so not possible.



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Ok thank you !