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Export Oriented Unit EOU supplying material to Non-EOU

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How to configure such a requirement.My present scenario is as follows:

Material sent from EOU to Non EOU plants under SOPO with Basic+ Excise+ Custom Duty in SOPO method. Custom Duty Loaded on Material, Excise charged is taken as CENVAT Credit, Receivable u2013 Payable Adjustment for Customer/Vendor Knocking Off.

Additional New Reqd: The above process will be followed along with the process where the material will be purchased from EOU by NON EOU under advance license. u2013 Material will be transferred only on basic price with NIL Duties (Custom Duty &All Excise).



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Hi, If your plant is in excise free zone,the excise amount will have to be loaded to material cost at the time of GR as per procurement cycle.for that you need to use the non-deductible excise conditions for BED(JMIP), ECess(JECI) and SECess(JSEI).

In the same way when you are transferring the material from excisable plant to non-excisable Plant,the excise amount to be captured from the supplying plant and while doing inbound delivery the excise cost will be sumed off with the material cost.In the reverse case there is a loss of excise,So I hope this is not a allowed business otherwise in the excise Plant you have to make Gr by selecting No excise in the excise Tab at header of the MIGO.