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Export for transport type CBC locked. No target system available

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Hello experts, 

I am working on a SAP S4/HANA Public Cloud system version 2402.

I encountered an error when releasing a CBC Transport Request: "Export for transport type CBC locked. No target system available". (Error message: ATO_CMN_EXPORT 036). By the way, I am on a development system and not a starter system. 


Anyone knows why the error is raised? Is it because it might be that the quality system has not been yet provisioned? (the basis guy is on holidays moreover, so, I am afraid we will be stuck for one entire week...)

Is this an action that should be done in CBC? or in Calm?

I tried to debugg in Eclipse ADT the error message when releasing the transport request. I found that report CTO_REQUEST_RELEASE was called and submitted in background for this purpose in the backend. I tried to find a way to debug the background process of the report, but did not succeed. Also in the SAP Community, some recent posts from 04.2024 mentioned that it is not possible in public cloud. Is that really the case? No possibility to debug the report submitted in background in ADT as we used to do before or on premise with SM50 etc?

Thank you

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @sdig89 ,

I don't see any direct connection to the Central Business Configuration system or RITA 

The error message you provided ATO_CMN_EXPORT 036 would suggest the system is a standalone system landscape.

Please open an incident to the dedicated transport app support  Export Customizing Transports   BC-CUS-TOL-CTO to check the exact situation in your system and reason for the error message shown.