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explain the terms in t.code MMBE

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sap gurus,

explain the terms of stock in the t.code MMBE and how final stock is calculated for delivery.



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If you want to check for stock of a material at a particular storage location use tcode MMBE. Parameters to be provided are, material, plant, storage location. If you want you can include whether to include special stocks for e.g. E - for orders on hand. You can also select display unit of measure. On clicking the execute button it will display the stock at the storage location. If you want to see Basic stock overview list, select the line and press F2 button. It will show you what is the stock for unrestricted use,Quality Inspection,Returns etc.

Sarvesh Desai

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While I appreciate your interest in giving suggestion to a query, please also ensure

a) you respond to the lastest thread and not one or two years' old thread and

b) you respond only to open threads and not the threads that are closed

G. Lakshmipathi

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When you run the transaction MMBE, you can see the options on the screen under "Selection of Display Levels". here you can choose whether the system should consider only Plant, storage location or all. After selecting the check boxes execute (F8). You can now see how much stock is available at a particular plant. When you double click on the plant or storage location level you can see on what basis system calculates the final stock. for instance you can see stock under Unrestricted use, stock under Quality inspection, scheduled for delivery, any reservations for future dates etc. after considering all these, system gives you the final stock for delivery.

Br, Sats.

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Hi Balaji,

Stock Overview - Display Stock Overview - MMBE


Planning Process - This user procedure shows the real-time view of any material's inventory balance. Manugistics will be utilized to identify whether a quantity of attrition stock is available for redistribution. A query in SAP is then necessary to determine where the stock is physically located. As stock is received and issued, the movements will be reflected in SAP. Balances for material in condition codes A and B will be reflected in the Unrestricted field. Balances for material in condition codes C, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R and S will be reflected in the Quality inspection field. Balances for material in condition codes D, E, F, G, and H will be reflected in the Blocked field

Preliminary Steps:

Need material number.

Detailed Steps:

1. In the iPanel, My SAP Roles, select XX: Functional All Transaction Role>MMBE - Display Stock Overview. If you are in another transaction screen, enter /nMMBE in the command line and click Enter.

2. Enter the item in Material.

3. Enter the Plant.

4. Enter the Storage Location.

5. Check or uncheck No Zero Stock Lines field. Standard SAP checks the No Zero Stock Lines block which precludes Plants with zero assets from being shown. If you are interested in a plant that has zero assets, uncheck this field

6. Click Execute.

7. View the material's inventory balance and details in Attrit stock.

Note: Attrition stock for an item may be stored at accountable and/or non-accountable storage facilities. The locations (RICs) for these attrit sites are listed in the SAP Overview as ATT1 for accountable sites and ATT2 for non-accountable sites.

Use the arrows, and , to navigate. In addition to unrestricted, Quality Inspection, and Blocked fields mentioned before, we will use the field GR Blocked Stock to record initial receipt of condition code L material and material transferred to condition code L where the Dual Adjustment (DAC) transaction finds a PO match on PIIN and Call. There will also be situations where condition code L will be recorded in Quality Inspection. The scheduled for delivery field identifies the quantity of Material Release Orders created (legacy A5 transaction) and no confirmation (AR0) has been received. The open order quantity indicates the quantity that is due in on Purchase Order.

Note: To view the Material Master from stock overview page, choose Extras, Display Materials.

Note: If you double click on the plant, a dialog box opens which provides more information about that specific plant.

Note: From the menu bar, click on Environment and a drop down menu will appear showing the following:

Stock Request - which shows open orders and deliveries and gives the capability to drill down.

Open Purchase Orders - with capability to drill down Reservations - part of LR process where memorandum non procurement dues will be recorded.

Material Movements - shows transaction history with the ability to sort by various columns. You are also able to customize this view.


Swamy H P

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Hi ,

MMBE is used to check the stocks available at plant level . Also with this transaction code stock availability of a particular batch can be checked at plant.

Available stock quantity to be consider is "Unrestricted Use +blocked +Stock In Transit + Quality inspection ( which will be added to unrestricted stocks after QM)



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The final stock in MMBE calculated for delivery based on the Unrestricted Stock and reserve or committed stock, stock in transit