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Existing delivery schedules in ME32L and new MRP

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We are using purchase schedule agreements, now we are planning to run the MRP.

So that based on the customer demands, system can create the new schedules for purchased parts in the schedule agreement after MRP run.

But we have existing delivery schedules in the scheduling agreements for the purchase parts. I believe after the MRP it would mess it up.

Is there anyway i can delete the existing delivery schedules and after the MRP, schedule aggreement should have only new delievry schedules.

Kind regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Before MRP run

1. Go in ME38

2. Enter Scheduling Agreement Number

3. Close open schedule lines


1. Schedule qty is 200 GR Qty- nil , Open qty -200

then make schedule qty 0 means this schedule line is close.

2. Schedule qty is 200 GR Qty-125l , Open qty -75

then make schedule qty 125 means this schedule line is close.

Like this close all open schedule lines before MRP run.

After that MRP run,

In system new schedule lines will be generate .

Best Regards

Chandrajit Patil

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi There

In SA- You have Firm Zone, Trade off Zone and Planning Zone,,

In this Firm Zone lines are firmed and it cant be changed with the new run,,

But Trade off Zone (less binding) and Planning Zone(No Binding) lines can be changed and transmitted to vendor again,,,

It is std SAP config and practice, Check your system settings and can do the MRP run (planning mode3)



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Hello Senthil,

I likes your idea, can you please put some more words/steps together.

Currently, Firm zone and Trade off having 'zero' values and Binding on MRP is blank.

Now, If am running the MRP, it is keeping the 'manually created lines in the delivery schedule And added the new delivery schedule line.

If I use your idea, will it keep only the MRP one (with creation ID - 'B')...

Please enlighten me.