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Executing the customizing in a different logon language

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what is the difference if I customize the SAP system in a different logon language ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Much of the customization in SAP is language dependent. In particular, texts are usually stored in the logon language. If you store, for instance, customization texts using French words, but your logon language is English, then when the end user logs on in English, he could see a mixture of languages: The English words supplied by SAP will be displayed for all of their screens, and the French words that you have customized will also be displayed.

In most companies, subjecting the users to mixed languages is unacceptable. Normally, you load all the languages into SAP that you think your end users will need. Then, you maintain customization as necessary in each of the languages. Maintaining multiple languages in a single SAP system adds to maintenance work. so many companies settle on one language and do not support any other. This would be an internal decision made by your company.

Review and associated notes to get an idea of SAP Language support.

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