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Executing/creating Leave provisions reports

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Hi All

I am required to create or execute a report that will display non-compulsory leave days the employee is entitled to and how much the employee will receive when selling those days. Where can i execute or create this report and how if possible?

Employee NoNameAnnual leave dateAnnual leave daysAnnual leave rateAnnual leave total

Furthermore, im also required to create or execute a report that will display the Name, Org Unit, entry date, total days remaining....i used PT_QTA10 but i can not pull the entry date of the employee from infotype 41 it only gives me dates from which the employee will be titled to a particular leave. What can i do to get the correct employment entry date on PT_QTA10?

Employee NumberEmployee NamePositionOrganisation/DepartmentDate of AppointmentAnnual Leave days remaining
11Adams, T64-Mechanic Petrol/Diesel-RDTechnical RP08-Jan-969
12Appolis, T33-Mechanic Petrol/Diesel-MPTechnical MP12-Feb-9615
17Barkhuysen,T137-Technical Buyer-MPTechnical Milpark Stores03-Jan-803

Thank you in advance.

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please assist

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In some countries like Australia, you need to have

-activated leave provision in the payroll schema.

-configured a wage type for valuating the leave entitlement balance.

Then you can run Leave report for your country code, where you can select provision of a leave type - this is in the menu of your country's payroll->Subsequent reporting->Lists/statistics->Leave reports (txn PC00_M13_LEAV - program RPLEAVQ0) Similarly there is a pgm RPLEAVW0 for S Africa.

If your payroll does not have this leave provision, then

a)Decide which w/t and rate to use for valuating the leave provision.  Usually it would be the same rate as for leave payment.

b)You can enhance any of these programs or RPTQTA10 to provide the features/report fields, etc.  Or you can copy these as a z-program and modify