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execute the transaction code thru the background process

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Is there any way to execute the transaction code (e.g. /nVA03) with the script (BAT/CMD, VBS, PowerShell, SAP.NET) thru the task scheduler job and get success/failure results?

I have a PowerShell script that is created based on examples/suggestions I get on this forum. It's working fine but now when I tried to execute it from the task scheduler script not working. If I understand the issue is that SAP GUI cannot work in the background, is there any other approach/workaround?

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If you really don't have the choice, I think it would be feasible to have a SAP GUI installed on an application server and automate it. It would technically run in a dialog workprocess, but can run the night without user intervention (check the SAP license to see if you're allowed to run SAP GUI this way). Like it's possible to automate almost anything by simulating user input, with many software.

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Hi Thorsten Höfer,

thanks for the suggestion, but I don't have experience with SAP ABAP. This is why my question was more focused on the scripting side supported/existing let's say out of a box (without using the SAP ABAP). As I mentioned before we have a PowerShell script that works fine from the user desktop but we don't get an output when I started it from the task scheduler. Anyway, thanks for sharing the ideas.



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Hi prusacv,

a transaction can be called in ABAP with call transaction. Create a RFC Function in ABAP.

You can call this function via the .Net Connector.

If you want to schedul a job, this can also be done via ABAP. Please check Transaction SM36.

Kind Regards