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execute code after saving of functional location

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I’m looking for a way to execute code after a functional location(FL) is saved on the db. I’m using TC IL01 to create the FL.

I tried to use:

BTE: PM000070 –> Triggers to early, FL not saved, yet

Exit: ILOM0001 –> Triggers to early, FL not saved, yet

BAdi: EQUI_UPDATE –> only works for Equipments, not for FL

any ideas?

Background: I’m trying to assing several classes to FL and Equipments without userinteraction.

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I have the exact same problem. As the suggested link is not working anymore, kindly request you to help with the solution 

@andreas_streuffert2 and @marc_marco Could you please share the solution again? Thanks in advance!

Beste regards

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you can use a webarchive to view the old link: