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Exclusion Indicator

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1. What is the usage of Exclusion Indicator in Condition types? In the condition record in the exclusion column we are having net price gross price? Please let me know the usage of these?

2. When I am creating the Returns delivery, the goods are returning to the unrestricted storage location? I want the return goods come into the Restricted location?


Keyur p

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1. Condition Exclusion


The system can exclude conditions so that they are not taken into account during pricing in sales documents.


Material 4711 costs 150 USD. Some customers receive a discount of 10 USD per 100 pieces.

However, a specific customer can buy the material for 100 USD. Since this is a particularly good price, the customer should not also have a discount of 10 USD per 100 pieces. Therefore, this discount is to be excluded from pricing.

To do this, you must follow two steps:

You must set a condition exclusion indicator for the price. You can do this in two ways: If you want to set the condition exclusion indicator a follows

then you specify it

for all condition records of a condition type (e.g. with condition type PR00) when defining a condition type in SD Customizing

for an individual condition record (e.g. only for material 4711) in the detail screen of a condition record (in the Condition exclusion field)

You must set a condition for the discount in the pricing procedure in Customizing for sales. If this condition is set, the discount is not valid if the condition exclusion indicator is set. Condition 2 is available in the standard R/3 System.

The condition exclusion indicator is not valid for condition supplements.

This means that if a condition record contains condition supplements they will be taken into account during pricing.

2. check the goods movement............

with regards


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Hi Rajesh,

It was nice explanation abt exclusion in condition type.

but i think u havent given the solution for ur eg: ( I hope)

eg: discount 10USD should not allow to specific customer say X,for material 4711.

where do u do this,by using exclusion indicator?

- becoz its customer specific,

-material discount already maintained as 10USD- in K004,

-whenever places an order material discount n customer -Xspecific price will be copied into order,but as per req we should not allow this X-customer that material discount.

-We cant maintain this in K004 -condition type as itz material specific,

*Correct me ,if i confused,

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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HI Keyur,

The exclusive indicators are present at access sequence level not at condition type level. anyways....

take ur std. cond type PR00 and say there are three cond tables and say u have maintained all the condition records for all these condition tables. now when the system searches for the price, it takes the first condtion table and gives the price ignoring the other prices( other cond records)

hope cld b useful.



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I think what rajesh has explained is perfectly right.

Anil kumar is getting confused between the Exclusion indicator and exclusive field both of which are different. Most of the guys get confused in this.

This is evident in the interviews as well. When asked about the exclusion indicator, candidates start talking about the exclusive tick or condition exclusion group.

The answer expected here is what Rajesh has explained.



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hi, if u set exclusion indicator for a condition type, during sales order processing condition amounts of condition types which have the same requirement and r maintained below to that condition type are ignored.

During returns processing if u want stocks which r returned to be added in to restricted stock change the moment type at scheduleline category.