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excluding specific fixed characteristic values on batch determination

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when using a characteristic for a batch determination strategy, how can we make this strategy work, by excluding specific fixed values?

Example: I want to find a list of raw material batches which will be included in a normal production run. All these batches will have this same characteristic filled but with different string values.

say for example:

characteristic value = 'ABC' or 'XYZ' or any possible string

I want to exclude all batches whose characteristic value = 'WWW'.

many thanks

Nuno Natividade

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Answers (2)

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By dependency of characteristics. It means you need write some procedures. You can set characteristics of BDcom dynamically... Then define selection class by these characteristics ...

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In batch search strategy for a particular key combination (say Order type/Plant/Comp...for TCODE: COB1) enter the material and in the selection criteria specify the required charecteristic value which has to be excluded and in the material detail below select the "Selection Type" - N.

This is used for the following purpose

Selection Type 'N'

Even if selection criteria exist, the system does not carry out selection; that is, it does not propose any batches for selection. This option is advisable if selection criteria are to be restricted and changed.

Reward if useful.