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Excluding Freight&Taxes for Credits/Returns from Billing Document

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We have a requirement to exclude certain conditions (freight and taxes) for credits/returns created with reference to a billing document. Basically we want to refund the value of the goods, but not the associated freight and tax costs associated with processing the order.

We tried creating a pricing requirement against the condition types in the pricing procedure, to exclude these conditions for certain return/credit order types, but this didn't work.

Can anyone advise the correct way to go about it?

Many Thanks


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Answers (3)

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Hi Chris,

If you think the condition types should be relevant only for specific billing types, then just include billing type as one of the fields in the condition table and then maintain only relevant master records for the valid billing types. But this involves retinkering the master data.

The simpler way would be to write a requirement routine that it should pass SY-SUBRC = 0 only for the billing types for which it is applicable. Now assign the routine to the condition types. By doing this, it will not get updated in other billing types.

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Hi Chris,

I believe you can try creating data transfer routine at the item level. There you exclude all the condition types which you do not want to use. Then assign this data transfer routine into the copy control from Billing document (F2) to Sales document (CR) at the item level (G2N).


You can try using the field 'Pricing type' in the item level of copy control (b/w F2 to CR for example) where you have a lot of customer reserves. You can choose one of them and try writing a logic to exclude all the condition types which you do not want to be included in your credit memo or returns

Hope this helps...


Mukund S

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If you are using the same pricing procedure . Than tick the deletion tab for the respective condition type in v/06.

So when you create the return order or CMR you can delete the condition type in.


Create a discount condition type and assign it to the pricing procedure. ( For Ex -ZFRE).

10 Baisc price

20 Freight 10

30 taxes 10 20

40 Discount 20 30


Now maintain the access sequence -order type /mat or cust.

after that create condition record for return order and CMR. as 100 %(-).

So in the total value the freight and taxes amount is deducted.

Hope this will help you.


Krishna O

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Hi Krishna

Thanks for your response. We are currently able to manually delete these conditions from the credit memo / return order, but would prefer that they didn't appear in the first place.