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Exclude few materials from Physical Inventory

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Dear Experts,

My client is performing physical inventory using T. code MI31 and everything is going on well.

At each plant designers have created materials for future use which are not being used at present and will be used in future and apparently their stocks are also ZERO. For example around 30,000 mtls are available but around 14000 only are in use and for balance no transaction has happened yet.

Client wants to know is their anyway he can exclude these balance mtls from physical inventory process to save time?

Pls advise.



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My ideas:

1. If you know all the material numbers that shouldn't be involved in the inventory process you can exlude them from selection on the start screen of MI31 (using "material" field)

2. If you do not extend your goods, that are waiting for "future use", to any storage location, they won't be involved in the inventory. Later you can extend them using trx MMSC_MASS.

3. Please check the selection screen of MI31 and try to find out an option (e.g. you give these materials a temporary material group and exclude that material group from selection).



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We can also use cycle counting settings here. In OMCO define the frequency, interval etc for all A ,B,C items at a plant level. Assign ABC indicator to the parts. Assign A to the part for which you need a frequenct PI check and C to the part for which a frequent PI it is not required See if you can customize MI31 ,by using the information of MAABC(A,B or C) from MARC table and interval ,cc count frequency informations for these parts at plant level at V_159C table.