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Exclude customers from automatic outbound creation

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Hi Gurus,

Can we exclude customers from creation of automatic outbound delivery? if yes please help me here.

Thank you.

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Answers (4)

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Assign Delivery Block in XD05 / VD05 for those customers.

G. Lakshmipathi

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Normally deliveries are created by batch jobs. If you want to block only certain type of deliveries (one type of deliveries) and not all types of deliveries then you can bolck the delivery creation by batch job. If you want to have all types of deliveries blocked for a customer then you can go with blocking in customer master.

Firstly you have to get the batch job information which is creating deliveries and the variant which is involved. Once you have this information you have two options of blocking the execution of the batch job for particular customers.

1. Using Fire Fighter Id you can modify the job in SM37 transaction. Follow the below steps.

    Select the job line and click the steps icon (Display step list icon). Step list overview screen appears.

    Select the line and use the menu path  GOTO------- > variants. Variant is now displayed.

     Click the  change values icon. Corresponding program with variant is displayed.

     Click multiple selection icon available for the customer number field. Multiple selection pop-up    


      In the exclude single values tab add the required customer numbers and save.

2. Alternatively you can use the second method

   Enter the transaction code SE38. ABAP Editor screen appears.

   enter the program name and use the menu path GOTO----- > variants

  Choose the  required variant and click change

  You will be faced with a screen of delivery creation. In the variant modify as required. and save.

Hope this explains

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In VL10A, Sales Order Tab, soldto party, input the customer code you want to exclude, double click in the field and select "Not Equal to". Save your variant. And put this variant in the SM36 as mentioned above.

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Consult ur Abap consultaant & create a variant in vl10a, create job in sm36, 

added the program RVV50R10C,  arranged it periodically,

You need to set up your user roles for delivery due list creation :: try these

Note 301578 - VL10: Ready to input status of user role

Note 310022 - VL10: Schedule batch job/variant creation